Material Computation, A Lecture by Achim Menges

Tuesday, October 16   6:00 pm

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Join the University of Oregon in Portland Department of Architecture as we welcome Achim Menges, architect and professor at the Institute for Computational Design | University of Stuttgart.

A pioneer in construction innovation, Achim Menges will discuss how material characteristics can drive architectural form. Rather than enhancing standard building systems, he is developing computational techniques to unfold innate material capacity and specific material gestalt. Menges’ research promotes an understanding of form, material and structure not as separate elements, but rather as complex interrelations. His digital workflow considers material behavior, geometric characteristics, manufacturing constraints and assembly logic. Through his approach, structures can be created in response to varied environmental influences, using the logics and constraints of advanced manufacturing processes. This enables the design and production of material specific high performance architecture. His University of Stuttgart pavilion is entirely based on the elastic bending behavior of birch plywood strips and his 2012 Hydroscope project for the Centre Pompidou uses wood’s dynamic response to moisture to generate a compelling, elegant result.

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University of Oregon in Portland , 70 NW Couch Street, Event Room