Irvington Infill

Saturday, October 13   10:00 am

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This infill parcel’s zoning and setbacks established a 13’-wide building footprint. The owners’ desire was for the amenities of a 2-BR, 1-1/2 bath, detached house within a very compact structure, budget, and site. The solution was to maximize the spatial volume of the livable space, providing a variety and density of interior environments, at an Ikea price. The interiors are bathed in natural light achieved by extensive floor, roof, and wall openings. Privacy was achieved through the strategic location of clerestory windows and a mix of clear and patterned glazing. This infill effort is intended to demonstrate that small parcels can accommodate elegant and efficient dwelling units, able to unobtrusively increase urban density and sustainably transform the way we live.


Designed by DAO Architecture