Film: Grand Paris

Tuesday, October 30   6:00 pm

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In 2008, French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced his idea of Le Grand Paris. A resolutely ambitious project dreamt up by Sarkozy, Le Grand Paris calls for a sustainable, post-Kyoto ecological city embracing, rather than fighting, nature. The Paris of today is largely unchanged from Haussmann’s Paris. Home to a little more than 2 million people and contained by the famous Boulevard Peripherique (or Paris Ring road), the city is experiencing a severe housing crisis and suffers from poor public transport. Just on the other side of the Peripherique, lie a multitude of Banlieues (suburbs) housing an estimated 10 million people. A history of tension between the city and the Banlieues exists. With Grand Paris, Sarkozy intends to blend these two distinct worlds into one large modern metropolis – achieving progress, prosperity and more equality for all of its inhabitants. Acknowledging this to be the biggest challenge for 21st century politics, he enlists a cadre of 10 renowned architects to present plans for Le Grand Paris (Mike Davies, Yves Lion, Djamel Klouche, Christian de Portzamparc, Antoine Grumbach, Jean Nouvel, Paola Vigano and Bernardo Secchi, Finn Geipel, Roland Castro and Winy Maas).

Director: Bregtje Van Der Haak
The Center for Architecture, 403 NW 11th Avenue