Film Series: Deep Urban Space

Tuesday, October 18,   6:00 pm

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Curated by Michael Neault, a writer, researcher, and media arts programmer. He works for Second Story Interactive Studios as a content producer.

Lost Buildings (Chris Ware & Ira Glass, US 2004, 22 mins) A sensitive non-fiction portrait about the evolution of one boy’s obsession with Chicago’s disappearing architectural heritage and the friends he makes along the way. Produced by the folks at This American Life, Ira Glass ventures into motion pictures with the assistance of inventive animations by Chris Ware (The Adventures of Jimmy Corrigan) to portray a more intimate perspective on Chicago’s buildings. Inspired by Tim Samuelson’s childhood fascination with Louis Sullivan buildings, they investigate how buildings develop personalities, how bygone buildings still haunt the cityscape, and how a single light fixture can spark the imagination.

My Playground (Kaspar Astrup Schröder, DK 2010, 50 mins) You could think of this movie as a skate video with a brain (no offense to skate videos). The documentary pursues roving teams of parkour athletes as they infiltrate the urban arena. The sport of parkour, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a cross between ballet and graffiti, where participants transform the urban landscape into a giant, freewheeling gymnasium. Commentary from architects, urban planners and municipal reps lends perspective as we watch the traceurs (the name for these athletes) deconstruct the boundaries between public and private, work and play, sport and felony. Stunningly shot, with oodles of slow-motion shots of daring acrobatics, this documentary will change the way you look at the city. “I have developed a habit of exploring possibilities in everything,” as one traceur put it, “I can’t help it.”

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